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Wine Tasting at Chateau Peneau

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Most clients that stay at chateau Lagorce opt for a free wine tour, buffet and wine taste at Chateau Peneau. Our clients are always received with a smile and a happy atmosphere, at this wine chateau that produces Chateau Lagorce’s Wine. It may not be the poshest / most glitzy wine taste of your visit to the Bordeaux region, but it certainly represents a true wine producing chateau, and the Bordeaux owners “welcome with open arms” attitude, since the new world boom. A short but tiring walk uphill, Michel and Danny wait to receive you around midday. The tour starts with a look at the vineyards, and finishes in the chai, with a look at the secret to how Chateau Lagorce has a different taste to most Bordeaux wines.

The tour is informative but informal, and is finished by a buffet, with food matching each of the seven wines on offer. Although you are not obliged to buy any wine, most people load the car up with wine for the week.
For more information about Chateau Peneau please use the following link:-Chateau Peneau

If you have had a wine taste during your stay at our vacation chateau please feel free to email me your photo’s and I’ll attach them to the bottom of this post.

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