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Bordeaux Wine Travel

Friday, November 28th, 2008
Bordeaux Wine Travel

Bordeaux Wine Travel

From time to time we have clients that wish to go for a wine taste (or wine tastes!!), a day out without driving, or a simple shuttle bus before/after a wedding celebration. I always recommend one company due to its professionalism, politeness, punctuality,and value, this company is called:-

Bordeaux Wine Travel

The owner Axel Evertsbusch is an English and French speaking German,who has built his trade up into a thriving business, so obviously it is best to book his services in advance. His service does not just stop at simple “large Luxury Taxi service”, Axel has a large network of contacts, from wine Chateaux to restaurants, this quality is invaluable for our clients, when groups of clients look to travel from chateau to chateau tasting in the Medoc for example.

For weddings Axel can provide a great shuttle service from say 12am – 3am, dropping people off in all the local Hotels and Gites, and even if things do take longer than originally planned Axel is there until everyone has been Safely returned to their hotel (surcharges may apply).

Contact Axel ….

Axel Evertsbusch

Bordeaux Wine travel

BP 50017

F-33153 Cenon Cedex

Tél: 0033 674 998725
Fax: 0033 556 326576

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