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Simple Luxuries

Monday, March 9th, 2009

It was Christmas eve and we were in Libourne at the all-day market buying last minute essentials like a good blue cheese to go with the red onion marmalade, I had just made and on the look-out for a simple but luxurious present!

So it was with great pleasure that my eye settled upon a small basket of black Perigueux truffles sitting well out of reach at one of the interior stalls. Not surprisingly out of raeach as we are talking serious money here. €1000 per kilo!  They say oil is ‘black gold’ but black truffles make that proposition rather fanciful not to mention downright inaccurate.

To start talking real money then consider the white Italian truffles which are even more expensive. Rarity really does have a price and the white truffle is getting increasingly hard to find as global climate change makes the essential warm moist conditions in which they prosper in northern Italy almost a thing of the past.

Anyway, clutching my small nugget of black truffle we headed home discussing how best to enjoy our find. We  settled on a simple risotto, made with Carnaroli rice of course, on which I shaved slivers of black truffle. Pure heaven!

Christmas had kicked off in true style!