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Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Welcome to the official Blog for Chateau Lagorce – In 2003 we the Holmes Family bought chateau Lagorce after an 18 month search. It took a further 18 months to actually buy the chateau, taking us to January 2003. Followed by again 18 months of renovation work.

We were looking for a chateau that ticked all the boxes, and when we arrived at chateau Lagorce for the first time, although the chateau was looking a little tired, we knew it had the x factor! The Latin inscription on the front arch describes the chateau very well ” A place to come and relax” (found in 2004). We bought the chateau not just as a commercial venture, but as we have a large family, and wanted somewhere where everyone could come and spend their holidays together, with 15 en-suite rooms we certainly now have that place. The chateau itself has a very warm and welcoming feel to it, clients and family alike never want to leave, from this page I leave you to discover what each family member looks forwards to in a visit to Lagorce, or for myself (Edward) and my fiancée (Anna) what we love about living here! Alternatively to go through to the chateau for rent website click the link below:-

To Go through to the main website click here ->>:Luxury French Vacation Chateau for Rental

The Holmes Family